Updated: July 24, 2019
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Here Are 7 Owl Cafes That Are Worth Going To In Tokyo!


Thanks to the Legend of the Guardians movie, there is a growing interest in owls. What fascinating and beautiful creatures they are indeed. If you would like to interact with one in real life, you should definitely check out one of these seven amazing owl cafes in Tokyo, Japan.

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Cafe & Bar Owl Village has 2 branches: one in Harajuku and one in Kichijoji. The Harajuku store received the Certificate of Excellence of TripAdvisor 2017. As you probably have guessed, the concept of the stores is to allow visitors to interact with the owls. There are about 10 of them. You can feed them and pet them gently all in a safe environment respectful of the animals' needs. There is also a comfortable cafe space where you can enjoy some coffee or other drinks. When you visit, you'll receive 1 glass souvenir, a complimentary drink, and 35 mins of interactions with owls.
Owls are actually very delicate and gentle animals.


Akiba Fukurou is located near Akihabara Station. The store provides its guests with a comfortable space to interact with the gentle owls. One of the interesting features of this place is that there is an in-house photographer that will take your picture with a single-lens reflex camera so you can have a nice souvenir of your experience. Be aware that visits are allowed by reservation only and that children under seven cannot enter.
Owls all have their unique and interesting personalities and there are also a variety of Japanese owl species. That's probably one of the most interesting parts when interacting with owls at the owl cafes in Tokyo.


This owl cafe is quite different in its atmosphere than the typical owl cafe. It used to be a maid cafe so the decor is quite colorful and you'll see the owls among vegetation which is supposed to be their forest. They have over a dozen owls among which are rare species. Children are welcome here. Upon entering you'll be given a brief explanation on how to interact with the owls. No reservation is needed. The entrance fee is ¥500 and you'll have to buy a drink (start at around ¥200). You can also buy beer. As an extra bonus, if you're into rare animals, there are some fish tanks with some piranhas for your viewing pleasure.


Fukuro No Mise is located near the Tsukishima Metro Station. For 2,000 yen, you get a drink and one hour to spend with the owls and a photograph of you and an owl. The staff is friendly and polite. There are curtains on the windows so that the place is not too bright for the owls, and that gives the room an overall peaceful atmosphere. There are about 25 owls to interact with freely. As a drink, you can have coffee, fruit juices, beer or wine.
Which Japanese owl will be your favourite?


Ikefukurou cafe, located just a minute walk from the east exit of Ikebukuro station, is one of the hottest spots in Tokyo. The name of the cafe came from a Japanese play on words; "fukurou" (means owl in Japanese) and Ike"bukuro".

They have over 30 owls to welcome you! Some are Japanese species and the others are from all over the world.

They have cute decorations too, which creates a nice atmosphere. Staff are friendly and some of them can speak English. On weekdays the price is ¥1,500 per hour and on weekends it's ¥1,600 per hour (includes a drink).


This owl cafe is located 10 minutes away from Shibuya station in Tokyo. There are 7 adorable owls waiting for you! You can choose from a variety of soft drinks, coffee, tea and alcohol. For a 30 minute playtime with the owls and one drink, the price is ¥1,500. For an hour, the price is ¥2,500. If you want to hold the owl or feed them, it costs an extra ¥500.

Because it is smaller-sized compared to other owl cafes, you might find it more relaxing and you can spend more time with the owls.


Fukurou Cafe Mofu Mofu is located 8 minutes away from Shinjuku station. Walking through the bustling streets of Shinjuku and into this quiet oasis with 10 cute owls is very soothing.

The price is ¥1,500 on weekdays which comes with one drink and an hour to play with the owls. During weekends the price is ¥1,800.


There are more owl cafes in Tokyo and also other breeds of bird cafes in Tokyo. For more information on that, please see the following link.

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