Updated: November 06, 2018
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Fuunji: Top Tsukemen Style Ramen Shop in Shinjuku!


Do you want to try tsukemen (dipping ramen) in Tokyo? There is one place you should try in Shinjuku, that is a ramen shop called Fuunji whose tsukemen is extremely delicious and popular with all ramen lovers. Here is a guide to read before you visit.

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Fuunji (風雲児)

Fuunji is a small ramen shop in Shinjuku. They are one of the most famous ramen shops where people are often lining up. They are well known for the super rich tsukemen, chilled ramen noodles and hot dipping sauce served in separate bowls. You dip the noodles with chopsticks and slurp them. Fuunji offer normal ramen menu that are also good.


The shop and its entrance is small, located on the first floor of a building. But don't worry, you can't miss it because there is usually a line. It is recommended to arrive around 30 minutes earlier than opening time, before the waiting line gets really long.


You first need to purchase a ticket at the vending machine after you enter the shop, and pass it to the chef. The menu is simple, just 3 kinds of ramen - tsukemen (つけめん), ramen(らーめん), and kamatama-men (かまたまーめん). Kamatama-men is only available at dinner time. There are 3 noodle sizes with namimori (並盛, small), chumori (中盛, medium), and omori (大盛, large), and all sizes are the same price.
Their signature menu, tsukemen. They offer regular tsukemen (800 yen) topped with green onions, bamboo shoots, and tender roast pork and special tsukemen (得製つけめん, 1000 yen) that has soft boiled egg, seaweeds, and extra slices of roast pork.
The dipping sauce is made from broth of chicken and seafood simmered for a long time. The smoky fish powder on the top even adds the flavor. It is unbelievably rich, creamy, and flavorful, and goes really well with the chewy, thick ramen noodles.
You can also choose from regular ramen (750 yen) and special ramen (950 yen) which comes with extra toppings. The ramen soup is less rich, but just as sophisticated as the tsukemen soup. It's worth trying too.
Kamatama-men (850 yen) is limited to dinner time. The hot noodles are coated with mild egg sauce and comes with a plate of toppings like roast pork, bamboo shoots, and a Japanese citrus fruit called "sudachi".

Just give it a try!

You can have not only amazingly delicious ramen and tsukemen, but also exciting experience ar Fuunji! The chef and other stuff are very welcoming and nice.

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