Updated: March 27, 2020
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12 Impossibly Cool Bars in Shinjuku, Tokyo


Shinjuku is a district in central Tokyo that does not sleep. There are countless bars and drinking spots open until the wee hours of the next day. If you have no idea where you should go to drink, here are some recommendations that will make your night journey into Shinjuku exciting!

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Roof Top Bar & Terrace G

Starting off the list of cool bars in Shinjuku is Rooftop Bar & Terrace G. Located on the 13th floor of the Granbell Hotel Shinjuku, the large terrace offers a breathtaking view of the city and is perfect for drinking outside in the summer. It's always pretty lively and is a great place to meet new people. One of the nice things about this bar is its large seating capacity of 111 seats. Go early for happy hour (5:00 to 7:00), and you'll almost definitely be able to get a seat to enjoy the 500 yen happy hour deals.

Bar Benfiddich

Bar Benfiddich is a very cool and rustic bar in Shinjuku. The decoration inside makes you feel like you travelled back in time to an old European pub. The coolest part of this bar, however, is its drink menu.
The cocktails here are the reason to visit! The bar uses herb liquors made from organic herbs grown in its garden. This is what Japanese cocktails are all about!


Wansie is a curious little bar on a retro shopping street in a quiet part of Shinjuku (not too far from Golden Gai). The place actually doubles as a workwear boutique, so you can buy super fashionable uniforms and other articles of clothing made by independent Japanese designers.

As for their drinks, they have a small but very interesting selection of organic wines, Japanese sakes, craft beers, etc. Just ask for the day's recommendations!

BAR CANDY Shinjuku

This is a hidden bar around the corner from Shinjuku station. The owner makes amazing drinks and has over 35 years of bartending experience! In addition to outstanding cocktails, guests can also enjoy a good wine selection and relaxing music. This is definitely a great bar for chilling out.

Shinjuku Craft Beer Tap Shinjuku San-chome

At Shinjuku Craft Beer Tap you can enjoy beers from all over the world. This large bar is definitely aiming for a western vibe, with retro American signs decorating the walls and a menu filled with pasta, pizzas, and meats. There are more than 15 drafts and 30 different types of bottled beers available, which are sure to please any beer lover. There are also delicious main and side dishes that are served at a reasonable price.


Kurage is a super quaint izakaya in the heart of Kabukicho. It's the kind of place you go to if you want to eat some delectable Japanese foods while you drink. The cooking style there is mainly 'sumibiyaki' (Japanese-style charcoal-grilling), which adds a smokey flavor and enhancing the natural umami savoriness of the foods.

They have several counter seats around the cooking space, but you can also be seated at a table.

For drinks, they have a good variety of sakes, including a rare ceremonial one called kotsuzake, which consists of hot sake infused with charred fish (they make it on the spot!). They offer a variety of cocktails, beers, wines, etc.

All-you-can-drink options are available as part of course meals.

Albatross Omoide-yokocho

Albatros has become one of the hippest drinking holes in Tokyo. And understandably so. The famous bar established in 1997 is super quaint and doubles as an art gallery.

It has three locations in Tokyo, and two in Shinjuku alone: in Omoide Yokocho, and in the Golden Gai district.
There are a wide variety of alcohols to choose from, including Japanese sake, shochu, wine, and cocktails. If you are hesitant, just try to explain what your tastes are to the bartender and he'll make a cocktail based on your preferences.

Rit Bar

Rit Bar is a small and intimate bar in Shinjuku where guests can enjoy live jazz music while sipping on delicious cocktails. The interior of the bar is really elegant and is a great place to bring a date.
The bar features live music three times per day:
There are hundreds of alcohols to choose from and you can ask the bartender to make you something to your liking if you don't know what to get.


Blink and you might miss the entrance to this small Shinjuku bar. Jayco is another place to get beautiful and delicately prepared cocktails. The focus is on fresh fruit and vegetables, and many of the creations that the bartenders produce are somewhere between a smoothie and a cocktail. You definitely can't go wrong with the cucumber gin & tonic, or, for something sweet, the watermelon salty dog is fantastic!

8Bit Cafe

8bit Cafe is a tiny cafe/bar near Shinjuku Sanchome station. The cafe serves good drinks and some finger food, but its claim to fame is the awesome collection of vintage game consoles you can play with while you drink. It'll take you right back to childhood!
You can get a lot of basic cocktails and beer starting from ¥600, but you can also get some 8bit original cocktails! Why not try a Dr. Mario drink or a Princess Peach cocktail?

This is definitely a must-visit bar for classic gamers!

Suntory Lounge Eagle

Eagle is a classic dining bar hidden behind the Shinjuku Studio Alta. All of the drinks are superb, but the fruit cocktails are particularly popular. There are also tons of side dishes which are perfect for pairing with wine. The best part is watching the skillful bartenders make the cocktails right before your eyes!

Hub Shinjuku Kabuki-cho

Hub is a generic "English pub" with a couple of locations in Shinjuku. It's not particularly original, but there are a lot of rather cheap cocktails and novelties like the gigantic beakers filled with one liter of beer shown above. Plus, and it's always jam-packed so it's easy to meet new people.
Maybe this would be a good place to start the night and make some new friends before going to one of the other bars on this list!


And if you are visiting the neighbouring downtown ward of Shibuya, you might want to check out this list.

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