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Kyubey, The Zenith Of Sushi In Tokyo (Reservation Info Included)


Kyubey is one of the most well-known sushi restaurants in Tokyo. While you're visiting the city, you want to try the best sushi you can, right? This is definitely a great option, and a meal here shouldn't disappoint. Read on to find out more about the restaurant and reservations.

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Kyubey, High-End Sushi Perfection

Kyubey is said one of the top restaurants in the world, and definitely one of the best-known restaurants in Japan.

Kyubey's main location is in Ginza; it has an annex in Ginza as well, and some branches at different hotels around the city. (Please look at the link below for other locations).

The Ginza main branch opened in 1935.

This restaurant is highly popular so it is always packed with a long line outside, which means you're better off to book in advance if you can!

At the main restaurant in Ginza, they have different seating options, including counter seats and private rooms for different group sizes.
Since Kyubey is one of the most sought-after sushi restaurants in the world, a reservation many weeks in advance is a must to avoid long lines. You can make an online reservation through the link below.



For lunch, there are different price options, starting at 5,500 yen for chirashi dishes and nigiri dishes. The "Omakase" (letting the chef decide) set is nice, as it allows you to sample different dishes that are suggested by the chef (this is 8,000 yen for the standard, or 13,000 yen for the 'Kyubey' course).
For a more impressive lunch, the kaiseki (a type of Japanese course meal) is a great option and is between 13,000-23,000 yen.


For dinner, the "omakase" starts at 10,000, and the "kaiseki" is between 15,000-30,000. It comes with an appetizer, sashimi, grilled fish, a sushi assortment and soup.

You cannot order a la carte at Kyubey but you can tell the chef if you have any preferences.

*Please note that consumption tax is not included!

Reservation and Hours

On the restaurant's website, it is not possible to make an online reservation, and it is suggested to make a reservation through your hotel concierge or by services such as Jpneazy linked below (click the "online reservations" button).

Reservations for lunch can be made only for 11:30. For other hours, seating will be according to arrival order.


You can also bring back some souvenirs, some of which have to be ordered 3 days in advance. How about bringing back some special roasted tea for your family back home?


In case you're having trouble reserving at Kyubey, check out our article recommending similar restaurants in Tokyo:
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