Updated: June 12, 2019
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8 Best Restaurants to Eat 'BUTA DON,' Pork Rice Bowl in Tokyo


If you've eaten much Japanese food, you've likely had 'gyudon' (beef rice bowl) before, but what about 'Butadon?' 'Butadon' is a pork rice bowl that is served with sweet and flavorful soy sauce! Just one bite and you'll be addicted! Butadon is one of the tastiest cheap Japanese dishes!

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豚野郎 Butayaro

Butayaro is located a one minute walk from Ochanomizu Station(御茶ノ水駅). The menu is pork bowls only, and is very simple:

Small Pork Bowl(小豚丼) ¥480
Regular Pork Bowl(中豚丼) ¥680
Large Pork Bowl (大豚丼) ¥880

This place is known and loved for the unbeatable price and delicious, charcoal-grilled flavor. They only do butadon, and they do it well!

豚大学 Buta-Daigaku

Buta Daigaku (literally 'Pork University' in Japanese) is a popular butadon restaurant with 3 shops around Tokyo. The easiest to access is probably the Shinbashi Station(新橋駅) store, located in the New-Shinbashi Building.
The shop offers standard sizes: Small ¥500, Medium ¥650, and Large ¥830, but then offers the follow huge sizes:
Graduate Degree ¥1,080 (1,000g), Master's Degree ¥1,580 (1,500g), and PHD ¥2,160 (2,000g).
Props if you can finish the PHD; it's huge!

とんたん Tontan

A 3-minute walk from Togoshi Station(戸越駅), this shop is located on Togoshi Ginza Shopping Street(戸越銀座商店街). In 1933, The pork bowl was invented in Obihiro(帯広), Hokkaido. Tontan strives to provide authentic, Obihiro-style pork bowls to its customers. The owner selects the best pork available for these pork bowls, and the original. house-made sauce is exceptional.
The menu is as follows:
Large (300g) ¥980
Regular (200g) ¥680
Small (100g)¥500

豚丼専門店木ノ下 Butadon Senmonten Kinoshita

Kinoshita is a new shop which was opened in 2014, and features a modern take on the butadon. In addition to a butadon that has flower pedal-shaped pork slices, the shop also sells chashu don and combination bowls. This is an exciting place worth checking out!

白樺 Shirakaba

Shirakaba is a famous butadon shop that originally was located in Shinjuku, but now is located a 4-minute walk from Itabashi Kuyakushomae Station(板橋区役所前駅).

The restaurant features wide variety of pork bowls with various toppings such as green onion and egg, mayo, kimchi, etc. You can enjoy many different kinds of flavors!

The regular bowl is ¥680, and the pork loin bowl is ¥780. The beautiful thing is that any bowl can be changed to a large serving for free!

炭焼き豚丼 和とん Sumibiyaki Butadon Waton

A 7-minute walk from Akabane Station(赤羽駅), Waton uses a premium pork called 'Yonezawa Buta Ichiban Sodachi,' which is raised in an extra-healthy and clean environment.

The special point of this shop is that you can choose the size based on the number of pork slices. 4 slices are ¥670, and 7 slices are ¥820! Also, you can choose between salty pork or fatty pork--or have a half & half bowl!

ぶたいち Butaichi

Butaichi is a 3-minute walk from Ningyo-cho Station(人形町駅).
The pork used in the restaurant is delivered directly from a meat shop in Obihiro(帯広), Hokkaido, where butadon originated! The house sauce is made with kombu from Hokkaido, and a premium soy sauce.

Butaichi is only open for lunch, but is very popular! Here, you can choose a bowl based on the quality of meat; pork loin, pork back ribs, special pork loin, special back ribs, mix, or special mix. The price ranges from ¥680 to ¥1,750.

In Closing

Unlike Japanese beef, pork has always been relatively cheap and easy to get, so pork has been an important part of Japanese food culture for a long time! Try out some butadon to see just how amazing this dish is!

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