Updated: February 19, 2020
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Where to Eat Delicious Kani (Japanese Crab) in Tokyo!


Kani (Japanese crab) is one of the most delicious 'luxury' foods in Japan. Here are some of the best places in Tokyo to enjoy crab!

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Akasaka Kitafuku (Akasaka)

If you're looking for the best of the best and willing to pay a hefty sum for an unforgettable meal, this is your place. Akasaka Kitafuku is a small, traditional restaurant located near Akasaka Station in central Tokyo. The restaurant has just 3 private tatami rooms, each of which can seat up to 6 guests.

Courses are exquisite and feature a beautiful slew of dishes served kaiseki-style. The crab is some of the freshest you can get in Tokyo and is served in a variety of ways. The least expensive course features red king crab and starts at ¥24,000 per person. The most expensive course is ¥40,000 per person, features gorgeous snow crabs, and is only available in the winter season.
A reservation placed well in advance is essential for anyone wishing to dine here.

Kanimitsu (Ginza)

If you're looking for a luxurious crab meal in Tokyo, Ginza's 'Kanimitsu' definitely fits the bill. The restaurant is just a minute walk from Hibiya station and is known for its exquisite crab kaiseki courses. There are several dinner courses to choose from, starting from ¥13,000 for the Kani Shabu Course (crab shabu shabu) up to ¥23,000 for the all-out Katsuge Crab, Taraba Crab, and abalone Course. Each of the courses features at least 7 dishes, letting you try crab and other fresh ingredients prepared in various traditional ways.
If you want a fancy, truly Japanese dining experience, Kanimitsu is a fantastic option.

Kani Doraku (Multiple Locations)

Kani Doraku is one of the most famous crab restaurants in Japan, with many locations throughout the country. The original location is in Osaka, but there are several locations in Tokyo as well. If you've spent much time in Japan, you've probably seen the iconic giant moving crab figures that decorate the outside of the restaurant. The prices at Kani Doraku are a bit higher than the average restaurant in Japan, but less expensive than most crab specialty restaurants. The signature dish is a crab hot pot dish called 'kanisuki,' but there are a variety of other interesting crab items on the menu including kani sushi, kani sashimi, and kani tempura.
Kani doraku is a famous and reliably delicious restaurant that's a good choice if you're looking for something a bit more affordable.

Seryna Honten (Roppongi)

For a decadent crab feast of unrivalled quality, you can't do much better than Seryna Honten in Roppongi. The restaurant is quite posh, with a beautiful interior and delicately presented kaiseki courses featuring premium crab and wagyu. The featured dish of the ¥12,100 course shown in the photo above is crab shabu shabu. You lightly cook the crab meat by dipping it into the flavorful broth. It's one of the most delicious ways to eat crab and is absolutely wonderful.

Gottsuo (Ginza)

If you want all-you-can-eat crabs, Ginza's 'Gottsuo' is a fantastic option. The restaurant offers a buffet that features fresh, whole crabs (giant crabs!) of which you can eat as many as you want! If you're a crab beginner, the friendly staff will show you how to break down and eat the crabs yourself. From there on, eat as much as you want! There are also some other great crab dishes on the menu such as kani miso, crab chawan mushi (custard), and crab nabe. This a great spot that's a bit more casual than the other restaurants in this article.

In Closing

This has been a quick introduction to 5 great places to enjoy kani in Tokyo. If you're curious to learn more about Japanese crabs, check out our article on the topic:

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