Updated: February 25, 2020
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5 top places where to have dinner in Omotesando (cheap to high-end)


After a day of exploring the exciting Omotesando-Aoyama-Harajuku area, here's where you might want to have dinner! The list includes some of the best restaurants for all budgets.

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Harajuku Gyoza-ro

This is a cheap and delicious gyoza (dumpling) joint that is really popular in the area. You can order your gyoza either fried or boiled; they're both ¥290 for six. It's also a nice place to have a couple of drinks. Beer is ¥500.

The restaurant is located a 3-minute walk from the Meiji-jingumae-Harajuku Station.

Tonkatsu Maisen

Tonkatsu Maisen was established in 1965, serving high-quality tonkatsu (pork cutlets) to their customers. Now, there are 11 Maisen restaurants located within Japan, as well as 62 stands located inside department stores selling tonkatsu, tonkatsu sandwiches and tonkatsu bento boxes.

After a 3 minute walk from Omotesando station, you will find the Tonkatsu Maisen Aoyama Main Store. This is the first Tonkatsu Maisen store, and therefore you can enjoy your Tonkatsu in a nice retro atmosphere.

They have amazing evening course meals comprising 8 to 10 items that are from ¥3,500 to ¥7,000.


Tokyo has become a hot spot for excellent Neapolitan-style pizzas. There are several restaurants that have amassed rave reviews from pizza aficionados, and Napule is one of them. Their pizza is cooked the traditional Italian way, in a large firewood oven. You won't get enough of the thick, springy crust!

They have a dinner pizza course that is ¥3,800 (includes salad, the pizza of your choice, a dessert and coffee).


CICADA's cuisines consist of dishes representative of the cuisine of the Mediterranean countries. You'll find on the menu everything from hummus and Lebanese mezze to tagines (beef, lamb or fish) from Morocco, and other Mediterranean delicacies. CICADA also has a vegetarian menu. It's recommended to get a lot of dishes and share them.

Cicada is located at just a 2-minute walk from the B3 exit of Omotesando Station.


Tamawarai is a Michelin-starred soba restaurant with a nice and calm atmosphere. Located at around a 10-minute walk from Shibuya station.

The owner is a true soba enthusiast. He owns a buckwheat farm to make his own perfect handmade soba noodles. Since the noodles have a rich flavor and a fine texture, just taking one bite will amaze you. They have a variety of soba served cold or hot at prices ranging from around ¥1,000 to ¥2,500. If you'd like to have a high-end copious meal, you can also order one of their two evening courses that are either ¥7,000 or ¥10,000.


Yoroniku is a popular yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) restaurant where all meat lovers from all over the country and also even from abroad converge. It is located in the basement of a building in Omotesando, Tokyo.

It has a very calm, classy atmosphere which is suitable for a special dinner in good company.

Yoroniku offers a great variety of high-quality meat, including, of course, wagyu beef. They also have two evening courses, one is ¥8,000 and the other is ¥10,000, both are highly recommended as they include a variety of delicacies and rare cuts of meat.

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