Updated: February 17, 2020
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All About W Omotesando The Cellar Grill


Discover excellent wines from all over the world at W Omotesando The Cellar Grill. Expert sommeliers are there to give you their recommendations. Enjoy your purchased wine in the restaurant section of the shop.

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W Omotesando The Cellar Grill

Every wine lover in Tokyo ought to know W Omotesando The Cellar Grill. It's essentially a wine shop that doubles as a restaurant. You can purchase your wine there at retail prices and bring your bottle inside into the dining area.
Feel free to ask the sommeliers for their recommendations - the staff is really knowledgeable and helpful. Once you've made your purchases, you can sit at a table with other wine enthusiasts and start enjoying your wine while eating some tapas. W has a pretty extensive menu with various side dishes and a few main ones. Order a couple of dishes to pair with your wine and enjoy the unique atmosphere of W.

You can also order course meals from ¥4,500.
W Omotesando The Cellar Grill is located near Omotesando Station's B2 exit. The restaurant is in a basement floor, but you can't miss the big wine bottle sign in front of the stairs.
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