Updated: October 31, 2019
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Best Yakitori Restaurants in Tokyo!


Yakitori 焼き鳥 (grilled skewered chicken) is a must-try in terms of Japanese cuisine. Usually served in small restaurants, you order many different types of skewers that you can share with your friends. In a convivial setting, sharing a few laughs with your neighbours, and having a few beers, yakitori is really a fun experience.

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Masakichi (まさ吉)

Masakichi is located in Meguro, a 5 minute walk from Musashi-Koyama Station on the Meguro line. This place serves excellent yakitori AND ramen. Are you game enough to try the chicken sashimi??
Not only this place said to be one of the best yakitori restaurants in Tokyo, it's affordable for a Michelin-recognised restaurant!


"Masakichii" owner opened a new Yakitori restaurant: "Kodama". The new restaurant opened in Sangenjaya in late April 2018 is a high-quality Yakitori one, mainly for course dishes. That famous chef Kodama is always cooking in this restaurant. Masakichi is always crowded, so it is better to go "Kodama"!

Toriki (とり喜)

Toriki is one of just a handful of yakitori restaurants in Tokyo to have earned a Michelin Star, quite a feat for a place specializing in cuisine as seemingly simple as grilled chicken skewers. Yakitori is typically consumed as a cheap accompaniment to drinks at an izakaya, but here it's taken to the next level, serving customers a dinner course that features 8 types of chicken skewers, 4 seasonal vegetable skewers, and a kobachi dish. The ingredients will vary based on what is fresh, but the course always features carefully selected local chicken meat of the highest quality cooked over expensive, premium charcoal that supposedly makes the skewers extra delicious.
The meal typically lasts about two and a half hours and the food is served at quite a slow pace, meaning that there is time to relax and enjoy some drinks between each delicious skewer of perfectly grilled chicken. If you don't mind a slow and slightly drawn-out meal, you will enjoy the experience of eating at Toriki!

Toriyoshi (鳥良)

Toriyoshi is a chain with several branches across Tokyo. This particular branch is located close to Harajuku and Meijijingu-Mae station. The atmosphere is completely unique and welcoming. You have to try the fried chicken, it's their signature dish.

Toritama (白金酉玉)

Toritama is located in chic Kagurazaka, around 5 minutes from the station. There's also another location in Shirokane, under an underpass. They have a very diversified menu of skewers and delicious sake. Have you tried the shrimp though?

Birdland (バードランド)

Birdland has a branch in Ginza and in Marunouchi and it is a Michelin-starred restaurant!! They use Ibaraki's famous chicken which is famous for its low fat content. Have you ever tried yakitori paired with wine? It's a change of pace and is quite awesome!
This restaurant is highly popular, so we recommend making a reservation before-hand.
They only have 2 course menus: a ¥6,300 and a ¥8,400 course; it includes liver pâté and 8 skewers of yakitori amongst other things.

FUKU Yakitori (炭火串焼ふく)

Fuku Yakitori has a few branches across Tokyo. It is a must-try restaurant while you're in Tokyo; the atmosphere is interesting and the food is amazing. You need to try the asparagus, shiitake mushroom! Be sure to make a reservation though!

Torishiki (鳥しき)

Torishiki is a yakitori restaurant unlike any other! It has earned a Michelin star for bringing yakitori to the level of a culinary art. This place is extremely popular so reservations as much as 2 months in advance might be necessary to guarantee yourself a seat at this elegant restaurant. There is no fixed menu here, instead, the chef charcoal-grills in front of you his omakase selection (omakase means to leave it to the chef). He will first check if you have any preferences. Prices start at 5,000 yen for the omakase. Order your drink first at a separate cost and sip on your drink while the chef grills to perfection one by one your yakitori skewers. Possibly the best you will ever have! Counter seats only.

Torichou (鳥長)

Torichou is a lovely restaurant in Ginza with a very authentic and traditional feel. The tsukune (minced chicken), shiitake mushrooms and negi & chicken are really delicious. The duck is also a must-try, it was tender and juicy. Expect to pay about ¥6,000~¥7,999 for dinner.

If you are looking for a genuine Japanese experience, this is definitely a must-try. This restaurant serves amazing yakitori in an unpretentious environment.


Edomasa is an iconic yakitori restaurant in Tokyo. The shop of long-standing is only open from 5 PM to 8 PM on weekdays and from 5 PM to 6:30 PM on Saturday, yet you will often see people waiting in line from 4 PM to get in! Reservations are not possible, so if you want to eat there, you will probably have to wait in line for some time.

Their yakitori is served as part of an obligatory fixed course (¥1,420) and you can order extras once you are done.


For the best possible yakitori restaurants in Tokyo, be sure to visit these restaurants. They are sure not to disappoint! If you want la creme de la creme in terms of yakitori, why not have a Michelin-recognized restaurant, why not try Masakichi! Or better yet, Birdland or Torishiki, which are both Michelin-starred restaurants!

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