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Ninja Castle: Awesome Ninja-Themed Restaurant in Asakusa, Tokyo [PR]


Located in the traditional neighborhood of Asakusa in Tokyo, Ninja Castle is a themed izakaya that immerses you in an Edo era atmosphere with ninjas as your hosts serving you delicious Japanese foods.

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Asakusa is known for its incredibly quaint cityscape that features some of Tokyo's most important landmarks such as the centuries-old Senso-ji temple. It's the perfect place to experience the traditional side of Japan in the very heart of Tokyo.

While you're there, here's a fun thing to do: trying out the recently opened Restaurant & Bar Ninja Castle. It's a fun themed izakaya where you can enjoy delicious Japanese foods while getting a glimpse into Japan's famous ninja culture! It's a perfectly fitting experience after a day of discovery in Asakusa.

Ninja Castle is conveniently located a short distance from Asakusa Station.
Push through the heavy wooden door and the first thing you'll notice is the nice decor and atmosphere. In the dim lighting with traditional music playing, take a moment to admire the various ornamentations that include katana swords on the walls, and perhaps the most impressive thing of all, a Japanese hand-crafted replica of a samurai's armour on display in the central corridor.
At Ninja Castle, your hosts for the night are -you've guessed it- ninjas! They have a few tricks up their sleeves that translate into entertaining performances while serving your meal, and these ninjas are surprisingly great cooks too. The restaurant is legitimately a nice place to experience traditional Japanese foods such as sushi, sashimi, high-grade Japanese wagyu beef cooked teppan-style, etc.

Note that if you want to try lots of great foods, one of the courses is a great choice! They range in price from ¥2,980 to ¥8,888 (taxes not included) and include 6 to 9 items. I'll introduce a few items below that are featured in each course and can also be ordered à la carte.

Bomba - korokke de cangrejo cremoso

Bomb (¥480, taxes not included)
This is must-have! Served to you with typical Japanese hospitality... until the ninja pulls out a match and proceeds to light the bomb that was placed just in front of you.
Well, don't worry, these ninjas haven't assassinated anyone (yet). After the explosion, remove the cover of the bomb and you'll find a quintessential deep-fried Japanese soul food: the croquette (pronounced 'korokke' in Japanese. It's originally from France but Japan has made it its own. This one has a thick crispy crust while the inside is smooth and creamy. The black powder on top is bamboo charcoal, which is actually a fairly common ingredient in Japan. The croquette sits on top of a bed of crab meat brushed with a tasty creamy sauce.

Sashimi en una caja de joyería con niebla

Sashimi in a jewelry box with mist (¥1,480, taxes not included)
This is another standout item that you'll surely want to snap a picture of. The sashimi comes served to you in an old wooden jewelry box!
Una vez que retire la cubierta, verá un hermoso surtido de sashimi rodeado de algún tipo de niebla fría. Esa niebla es en realidad hielo seco vaporizado, que no solo sirve para hacer que la presentación del plato sea hermosa, sino que también enfría el sashimi, manteniéndolo más fresco y sabroso. Hoy, el surtido incluía atún, salmón, vieiras, 'hamachi' (cola amarilla joven) y besugo. La selección cambia con las estaciones y dependiendo de lo que esté disponible.

Rank A5 Matsuzaka Beef

Matsuzaka beef (¥2,980, taxes not included)
Have you ever dreamed of eating top-quality Japanese wagyu beef at a reasonable price? Then this is your chance! This piece of beautifully marbled A5 (highest rank!) Matsuzaka beef is simply delectable. What's more, the preparation is done right before your eyes by the ninja, on a small teppan grill at your table.
It's cut into bite-sized pieces and served to you with some vegetables and various condiments (wasabi, rock salt, ponzu sauce, mustard and daikon radish). Try it with different condiments to see which one is your favourite. The beef itself is incredibly tender and juicy. You'll understand for sure why wagyu beef is so highly regarded when you have a taste of it!

Enjoy some fine sake and other drinks!

The drinks menu is really interesting as well. You can choose anything from ninja beers, shochu (Japanese spirit), sour drinks, photogenic and delicious cocktails, and of course, Japanese sake.

The sake pictured here is made from special 'junmai' (pure rice), which means no sugar or alcohol was added to it. You get a pure taste of sake that goes wonderfully well with almost any type of Japanese cuisine, not to mention that it's served to you in real bamboo cups!

Para concluir...

Special performance
Ninja Castle es realmente entretenido: además de la increíble forma en que se le sirven algunos alimentos, en algún momento durante su comida, un ninja también ofrecerá una actuación privada en su mesa que incluye trucos de magia con cartas o globos. Recomendaría este restaurante a cualquiera que quiera comer excelentes comidas japonesas y pasar un rato divertido en buena compañía.

Next time you go to Asakusa, why not give it a try?
Noticias de alimentos y guías de comida para Japón! Te traemos algunos de los momentos más hermosos que suceden alrededor de restaurantes en Japón.

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