Updated: August 04, 2020
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Epic Beer Hall With 31 Craft Beers on Tap (Saitama)


Just a 2 minute walk from Urawa Station, 'Beernova Urawa' is a craft beer specialist serving as many as 31 different craft beers on tap! Beernova features beer from breweries in Saitama and throughout the country, and always has at least 20 different craft beers on tap.

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As many as 31 craft beers on tap!

Beernova is located 2 minutes from the east exit of Urawa Station. As soon as you walk in, the wall completely covered with taps makes a big impression!

Saitama is known for hosting Japan's largest craft beer festival every year, but making a visit to Beernova (which boasts the most taps of any bar in the area) feels like going to a mini beer festival every time.

The revolving tap list is different with each visit!

The tap list features local Saitama breweries, Japanese and international craft beers, and special collaboration beers with breweries throughout Japan.

Non-beer options here are limited to lemon sours and highballs, but there are also plenty of easy-to-drink beers for those who don't usually enjoy beer.
The taps change whenever a barrel runs dry, so you are virtually guaranteed to be able to try something new each time you visit! Beers are served in small (200ml) and regular(355ml) sizes.
From left to right: 'Mixed Grain Weizen' from Mugi Zakkoku Koubou Microbrewery (¥800/regular, ¥500/small); Luli from COEDO Brewery (¥800/regular); Shirokuma Level 7~ripe Kabosu by Chichibu Bakushu (¥1000/regular, ¥680/small)
Today, we tried 3 local beers from Saitama. First was the Mixed Grain Weizen from Mugi Zakkoku Koubou Microbrewery. The delicious wheat fragrance and mild taste was outstanding.
Next we sampled the refreshing and easy-drinking Luli from Saitama's most famous brewery COEDO.
Finally, we tried the Shirokuma Level 7~ripe Kabosu, which is a tasty collaboration beer created with Chichibu Bakushu, a new brewery started in Chichibu in 2017.
'Bodhizafa IPA' by Georgetown (¥1,100/regular, ¥760/small)
In addition to Japanese craft beers, there is also a selection of quality foreign craft beers! Today we tried the popular Bodhizafa IPA. This delicious beer has a mellow fragrance, and a rich, hoppy flavor. IPA lovers will go wild for this one!

Super Rare! Limited-edition collaboration beers and and English style hand pump!

'Vianova IPA' nby Oni Densetsu (¥1,200/regular, ¥840/small)
There are always limited-edition collaboration beers with breweries around the country in the lineup at Beernova! This is a collaboration beer with Hokkaido's 'Oni Densetsu' brewery called the 'Vianova IPA.' It was brewed to celebrate the opening of the store.

The tap will change when the barrel runs out, but we're excited to see what the next collaboration beer will be!
'Imperial Stout~Hand Pump Version' by Minoh Beer (¥1,050/regular)
A rare item to see in Japan, Beernova has an English style hand pump server. Beer is pumped out of the barrel like water from a well! These kinds of pumps are standard at English pubs, but are very uncommon here in Japan. Check it out!

Awesome food to go with all that beer!

'Thick-cut Gengis Khan' (¥900)
Beernova has a very nice menu of pub food to go with their beers. The thick-cut gengis khan shouldn't be missed, and features high quality meat that can be served rare. The thick, tender cuts of meat are delicious eaten with fresh Hokkaido wasabi and soy sauce.
'Fresh, Seasonal Fish and Chips' (¥850)
These fish and chips are good enough to be served in England! The fish is fresh and tender on the inside, with a delicious battered coating, and the chips are cut thick and fried to perfection.

One-coin pizza! Lunchtime at Beernova is great!

'Lunch Margherita' (¥500)
On weekends at Beernova, this margherita pizza is only ¥500 until 5:00pm. It is the perfect companion to a crisp, refreshing craft beer.
Pizza and beer for lunch? Yes please.

Beernova Urawa - easy access from Tokyo!

Today we introduced Beernova Urawa, in Saitama. If you're a craft beer lover, go check this place out! From Shinjuku Station, it's only about 34 minutes on the Shonan-Shinjuku line to get to Urawa station! What are you waiting for? Go drink some delicious craft beer!
I live in west Tokyo and spend most of my time thinking about food or going bouldering.

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