Updated: February 07, 2019
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Bar K-Ya in Kyoto is a Whiskey Connoisseur's Dream Come True!

Kyoto City

Bar K-Ya is an elegant and beautiful bar in the heart of Kyoto where you can try superbly made cocktails and a wide variety of whiskeys. You can sit at the wooden counter and watch the bartender shake up your new favourite drink.

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Bar K-Ya

Bar K-ya in Kyoto is an elegant bar with an impressive collection of alcohol, particularly whiskey. Behind the wooden bar, are talented bartenders who will make a perfect cocktail with fresh fruits and a lot of attention to detail.
Don't worry, they definitely have your favourite whiskey! Check out that extensive alcohol library, you should probably try local whiskey while you're here. Just ask the bartender for a suggestion.
The quiet and soothing bar is a great place to go by yourself and admire the beautiful view. You can also easily strike up a conversation with the bartender or with a local who can suggest his or her favourite area while you're at it.

Drink Menu

The cocktails and drinks are expensive, but they are worth every penny, given how carefully and beautifully they are prepared.
For example, look at how the ice was delicately sculpted to make a perfectly round ball. This is in order for the ice to melt as slowly as possible not to water down your drink.
The drink shown above is one of their signature drinks, the strawberry champagne cocktail. It is as luxurious and as delicious as you would imagine!
Another must-try drink is the frozen mojito, it is as refreshing as it is tasty.
A lot of customers rave about the banana brûlée cocktail.

When you visit the bar, keep in mind there is a cover charge, but in exchange, you will get a small bite to eat such as the mascarpone cracker shown above.
With their vast whiskey collection, it would almost be a shame not to give it a shot.
Here, you can tell the bartender what you like and he will whip up a perfect cocktail to your liking.


If you want a classy night out in Kyoto, be sure to stop by Bar K-ya. You will have a wonderful night out by yourself or with someone special. Cheers!
Lili Wanderlust
I love travelling and discovering new cuisines. Japan has a panoply of local dishes to try. I also love yoga, coffee, reading, and cycling.

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