Updated: March 18, 2019
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5 Best Affordable Teppanyaki Restaurants In Osaka

Osaka City

Looking for affordable teppanyaki in Osaka? If so, make good note of these five excellent restaurants! Their prices range from about ¥1,000 to ¥4,000.

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The beefsteak plate (¥1,200) that comes with a rice, salad, and miso soup is one of the most popular things to order there. They serve interesting lunch options as well that are under ¥1,000. Another popular thing at this joint is the Hamburg steak and giant deep-fried shrimp plate.


Whether you have Japanse wagyu beef, veggies or okonomiyaki, anything made from the hands of this elite teppanyaki chef turns out amazing! There is a large counter from which you can see the chef cook on the iron plate in front of you. Alternatively, you can sit at a table for four and enjoy your meal with your company. The tables also have an iron plate at their center so you can enjoy cooking the food yourself (okonomiyaki, etc.).


Pero is a really laid back dining bar where you can have great affordable teppanyaki steak while enjoying a glass of wine or beer. Get a nice 200g piece of sirloin for ¥1,280. They have all kinds of meat dishes on the menu. Portions are quite generous too!

Kushi Ika

This is an izakaya where you can have all kinds of delectable vegetable and meat skewers of great quality at a reasonable price. You order a la carte skewers from ¥140 or you can have assortment plates. There is a cheap ¥1,000 all-you-can-drink option here for 2 hours that you can add to a meal.
Skewers are cooked teppanyaki style. Sit at the counter and you'll see the action.


This is the best example that teppanyaki is not just high-end cuisine in fancy restaurants. Indeed, teppanyaki cuisine can be found in popular street stalls too. Yamaki's teppanyaki skewers are less than ¥100 a piece for the most part. You can also order alcohol there and drink while standing around the store.
The sauce the skewers are dipped in before being grilled has a nice punch to it! It has lots of garlic and is packed with savoury umami. Yamaki specializes in horumon (innards).

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