Updated: July 30, 2020
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Arirang's Mysterious Hot Dog Is So Hot Right Now! That Cheese Pull Though!


The Korean boom was thought to be slowly dying down in Japan, but it has clearly regained in popularity lately! The Korean gourmet trends often come to Japan one by one and can be especially seen in Tokyo's Korean town, Shinokubo. You need to try this cheese hot dog!

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Do you know this Korean trend? It's a cheese-filled American hot dog!

When you think of a hot dog or an American hot dog, you probably think of sausage on a stick or stuffed in a hot dog bun.
But this Korean popular dish is quite different!
It's cheese on a stick, which is deep-fried with a coating and dipped in sugar!
A lot of specialized shops are selling this popular dish! You should try it for yourself.

Arirang's popular shop was the first to bring this type of hot dog to Japan!

This Korean-style hot dog can now also be found in Japan.
Arirang Hot Dog can be found in Shinokubo, which is seen as Japan's Korean town. It is only a 3-minute walk from Shinokubo Station.
Presently, there are many Arirang stands in Japan; the first one being in Shinokubo. The original store in Korea also usually has a line-up.

The much talked about Potatorella is popular on TV and Instagram

The most popular menu item: The Potatorella, ¥480
This dish is made with mozzarella which was wrapped in diced potatoes and then deep-fried. Oh! What's there not to love!
Since opening in April 2017, this store has been covered by many media sites and magazines. It's also blowing up on Instagram!

And then you sprinkle it with coconut sugar??

You can add the seasonings you want on Arirang's Hot Dogs
You can try it with coconut powder sugar or with a mix of coconut powder and soybean flour. You can put as much as you want to cover the hot dog.
You might be hesitant, as I was too. But it's said that if you sprinkle it with seasoning, it's even tastier so I gave it a shot!
There are a lot of sauces you can add too, such as ketchup, cheese mustard, sweet chili sauce, cheddar cheese, etc. There is also some parmesan cheese to add, so cheese lovers, you're welcome!

Check out that cheese pull!

As soon as you bite into it, the cheese starts stretching and stretchiiiiiing. Wow!
Even if you pull on it, the potatoes won't break apart.
When the cheese and potato tastes come together, it's so incredibly delicious, especially when you get a faint taste of coconut powder.
The cheese itself doesn't have a strong taste so it's recommended to add some flavouring and condiments.

Chedarella, is made with black squid ink and has a soft texture (the 2nd most popular item)

Chedarella is the second most popular menu item, ¥480
This one is made with a mix of cheddar and mozzarella cheese which has been wrapped in dough made of squid ink. The mix is then deep-fried.
The dough has a springy texture and is made with a mix of wheat and rice flour.
As soon as you take a bit out of this one, the cheese starts overflowing.
You can enjoy two different types of cheese with this dish.
The ink squid doesn't really have a distinctive flavour on its own, however, what's great about this one is the crunchy exterior, the spring dough inside and the fountain of cheese!


After seeing this delicious looking dish, you probably feel like trying it for yourself.
Although a lot of stands like this one have been popping up lately, you should check out the original one!
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