Updated: August 28, 2018
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A Guide To Hip Shimokitazawa (Tokyo)!


Shimokitazawa is a cool neighbourhood in Tokyo with a laid-back vibe, good and cheap food and tons of places to shop for second-hand fashion. Here's the low down on what to do in this awesome area.

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Shimokitazawa, or "Shimokita" for short, is a very hip town in Setagaya, Tokyo. It is filled with cool second-hand shops, vinyl shops and small bars and restaurants. It's a great place to spend a day strolling around, shopping, eating and relaxing in some very cool cafes, and end the day at an indie bar.

Shimokitazawa is a hip neighbourhood which could be compared to Brooklyn, or in Japan, Koenji and some small streets off Harajuku.
There are many independent shops, cafes and restaurants here. Shimokitazawa's charm is attributed to the fact it kept a quaint atmosphere and attracts many artists and students.
There are many places to come have a drink or a cheap bowl of ramen at night, and so many things to do during the day too.


First, let's start with breakfast. It is, after all, the most important meal of the day. Well, you're in luck, because Shimokitazawa has some awesome breakfast joints. From waffles and pancakes to your typical American breakfast, there are so many nice places to try.


In Shimokitazawa, there are many types of food to choose from. You can have Western cuisine, Asian cuisine, Japanese cuisine, and much more, most of them being super affordable. You can walk around in Shimokitazawa for hours and not decide where to go because there are so many good restos to try so we narrowed down the list for you.


If you're a coffee lover, Shimokitazawa is a great place to stop by. You can find all types of cafes, there are old-school cafes where you can come sip a delicious cup of siphon coffee or a tasty cafe latte in a hip decor.
The link below introduces a very cool cafe in Shimokitazawa where you can chill in a hammock!


There are so many interesting shops in Shimokitazawa where you can find almost anything your heart desires.
The article below gives more information about cool shops to visit while you're in the area.


At night, Shimokitazawa has a different vibe, there are many people lining up to see an indie punk band, or people coming out of small bars.

Tico is a really cool place to have a drink in Shimokitazawa, it's a small bar with a lot of home-made alcohols. Since it's a small place, it's easy to make friends with your neighbours and have an amazing night out!
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