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If You Want To Know The Best Way To Eat Innards, Try Manten In Shinjuku, Tokyo [PR]


Manten is only a 3-minute walk from Shinjuku Station's West Exit. Including beef and pork, there are about 40 kinds of innards to choose from here. You can cook the meat on a BBQ grill right inside the restaurant. Of course, this resto is awesome for those who love innards, but those who've never had it before will love it too!

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You can grill the prepared meat over a charcoal grill at Manten

Manten is only a 3-minute walk from Shinjuku Station's West Exit. Every morning, the chef goes to buy fresh beef and pork. The innards are carefully prepared and don't have a smell, in fact, even those who don't like innards could enjoy Manten's cuisine.

This article will introduce the menu items offers at Manten, as well as what sets this restaurant apart.

The line-up varies according to your preferences

An assortment of 8 kinds of innards, ¥2,500 (excluding taxes)
You can enjoy the 8-piece assortment served with popular cuts such as tongue, skirt steak, and pork belly. The assortment also varies according to availabilities and the customer's preferences. You can ask recommendations from the staff depending on what you would like to eat, for example, a cut which is fat or has an enjoyable texture.
You can enjoy comparing different meat cuts.
The chef really takes the time to explain what the assortment is.

Even those who don't normally eat innards and don't know what to order can have an enjoyable time and can try many things at this restaurant.

The first dish arrives and the staff explains how to cook it

Liver steak, ¥600 (excluding taxes)
The liver steak has a soft and springy texture which is very enjoyable to eat.
The liver is cooked on a BBQ grill inside the resto. Even if the centre is still slightly undercooked, it is still safe to eat because the chef used fresh liver.
The chef will show you the best way to cook the meat so you don't have to worry about over or undercooking it.

As soon as you take a bit of the liver, you can feel the soft texture and taste the umami. You should definitely come by to try it for yourself.

The tripes are carefully prepared and are completely white

White tripes, ¥600 (excluding taxes)
This is thoroughly prepared stomach meat sashimi.
If the stomach meat is gray it often has a starchy texture, but at Manten, the tripe is bright white and has a firm, jelly-fish-like texture.
A lot of restaurants serve the trips with miso paste, but here it is simply served with salt to let the natural taste take the leading part.
This dish is perfect as an appetizer or a side-dish.

The tongue is cooked for 2 days and is deliciously soft

Boiled tongue, one piece ¥200 (excluding taxes)
The tongue is boiled for two days and is so soft you can cut through it with chopsticks.
As soon as you bite into it, it will melt in your mouth.

The tongue has a nice umami and it has a gentle dashi taste.
You can eat it as is and it will be delicious, but to add a nice zing to it, you can also add wasabi.

The tripes stew goes perfectly with a beer or a glass of sake

Tripe stew, ¥400 (excluding taxes)
The tripe stew offered at Manten is made without any vegetables, only tripes to bring out a delicious taste.
The stew is made with a miso-based and is very delicious.
It's the perfect accompaniment for a beer or a glass of sake.

The anchovy onigiri has a nice and gentle taste

Anchovy onigiri, 1 piece ¥200 (excluding taxes)
The onigiri is made with minced beefsteak plant and the saltiness of the anchovies brings out a nice taste.
The rice itself is delicious and the onigiri makes for a great dish to finish up your meal.

Rich and sweet panna cotta

Soy milk pannacotta, ¥400 (excluding taxes)
The pannacotta is simply prepared with soy milk and fresh cream. The dessert is rich and sweet, and the portion is just the right size.

You can also order the course meal

The chef's 'omakase' course, ¥2,500 (excluding taxes)
If you're with a large group or you're heading out with your friends, you should try the course. It comes with tripes sashimi, the liver steak, the 5 meat cut assortment for only ¥2,500.

For ¥1,500 more, you can get the all-you-can-drink course.

<The chef's 'omakase' course>

¥2,500 (excluding taxes)

Tripe sashimi
Liver steak
The 5 meat cut assortment
Tripe stew
Chilled tomatoes
Beef skirt steak
Anchovy onigiri

2 hours: +¥1,500 (exluding taxes)
3 hours: +¥2,500 (exluding taxes)


At Manten in Nishishinjuku, you can try the chef's specialty dishes, which are the carefully prepared tripe dishes.
Of course, those who love innards should come visit, but also those who don't know much about this kind of cuisine should come here to try it too!
There are restos in Yoyogi, as well as in Nakameguro, so be sure to check out the one nearest you.
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