Updated: February 13, 2020
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9 Best Places For Awesome Yet CHEAP Sushi In Osaka

Osaka City

Here are some top places that are well known in Osaka for their quality and affordability. These amazing restaurants cost on average between ¥500 to ¥3,000.

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Sushi Masa すし政

For cheap delicious sushi, you can't go wrong with Sushi Masa. This restaurant is a true establishment located in the highly competitive sushi battleground of Temma.

They serve a lunchtime set meal for as little as ¥540 taxes included. It comes with a miso soup and 8-9 pieces of sushi. You can have a deluxe version for twice the price, but it's still considered very cheap by most standards for sushi. What's unbelievable is that the quality is great too. Another thing we love about this place is their definition of "lunchtime", which according to them lasts until 5 PM! So you can enjoy these cheap lunch specials until late afternoon. Even if you have 3 or 4 drinks of their good sake with your sushi meal, you probably won't bust a ¥3,000 budget. A must go.

Endo Sushi ゑんどう寿司京橋店

What is the fuss about Endo Sushi in Osaka? Simply put, sushi made with super fresh top-quality neta (toppings) at a bargain. The sushi shop located in the heart of Osaka's Central Fish Market, is one of the most loved by the people of Osaka and the tourists visiting the city. The establishment opened in 1907, and it has really become a flagship restaurant for Osaka over the years.

No frills no thrills in terms of decor. Just AMAZING sushi made possible thanks to the careful selection of master sushi chefs and the freshness of the ingredients available at the market. The restaurant boasts that it has preserved the traditional taste of sushi ever since it opened over one hundred years ago.

The 33-seat small restaurant is nearly always full so you might have to wait in line to get in, but it'll be worth it.

Kame Sushi 亀すし総本店

Less than a 5-minute walk from Higashi Umeda station, this traditional sushi restaurant offers fresh and high-quality sushi toppings. You should try their maguro (tuna)! Their sushi toppings and shari (rice) are big in size compared to sushi that other places usually offer, so it's a good place to go if you've worked up an appetite.

Toki Sushi ときすし

Toki Sushi is another little gem you have to know about. They offer cheap sushi without compromising with the quality in the slightest. If you go there, you can't go wrong with the ¥1,200 seasonal set. It comes with 8 pieces of nigiri sushi with all the best in-season neta (toppings), a red miso shrimp soup, and some sashimi. The only downside to this restaurant is that you might have to wait in line to go in. Try going outside of the peak lunch hours.
Located near the Namba Station.

Harugoma 春駒

This is another amazing sushi bar in Temma. Most of the seats are at the counter but there are a few table seats as well. Most pairs of nigiri sushi here are between ¥200 and ¥400. For instance, you can have tuna for ¥200, and uni (sea urchin) for ¥400. The quality is amazing, as you would expect from a popular sushi restaurant in the area. As for drinks, they serve beer, chu-hai, and shochu. You can also order for take-out.

Anaba 穴場

Anaba roughly translates to a good, little-known place. Anaba is indeed undeniably good, but as far as being little-known that's debatable! It definitely has a solid reputation within the Temma area, which says a lot considering that Temma is the sushi kingdom of Osaka. It serves sushi with fresh, super thick neta as toppings. One thing you might want to try here is their Anaba maki, which are huge maki sushi with an unbelievable variety of neta inside one roll.
Located near the Temma Station

Furusato ふる里

Furusato is a great choice if you are looking to have not just sushi but other traditional Japanese dishes as well. It specializes in soba and udon dishes, and you can order sets that have both the sushi and some noodles. On top of that, you can even order some freshly-made crispy tempura.
Located a 5-minute walk from the Osaka-Uehommachi Station. This place is open 24h.

Kuromon Sanpei 黒門三平

Just a few minutes walk away from Nihonbashi Station, this place is a fish store located in Kuromon Market, and you can purchase sushi and eat there too. They also have donburi (a bowl of rice topped with sashimi) that you can try. It's a very exciting place to experience the incomparable atmosphere of the iconic Kuromon Market!

Nawa Sushi 縄寿司

Located right next to Kame Sushi that is mentioned above, this place is also a traditional sushi restaurant where you can try delicious sushi at a reasonable price. If you enter the restaurant before 7 PM, they serve you a free small-sized beer, so don't forget to enter before 7! If you don't want a beer, that's totally fine, because you can have miso soup instead.

Instead of counting the number of plates to calculate the total price of your meal (as it is done at many other budget restaurants), you use a plastic card to indicate what you ate. If you are looking for a unique sushi experience, this is a place worth considering.

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