Updated: February 20, 2020
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10 Must-Visit Restaurants in Ikebukuro!


These are some must-visit restaurants while in Ikebukuro where you'll not only get a really tasty meal, but also quite a bang for your buck! Ramen, sushi, huge gyozas, and even vegan cuisine!

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Misono (美そ乃)

Premium wagyu beef
The word 'barbeque' typically brings images of a gathering of friends or family enjoying a meal around a grill. However, in Japan, where eating alone is quite common for busy office workers, a type of barbeque called 'hitori yakiniku' (solo BBQ) was invented to allow even solo diners to enjoy a barbeque dinner. 'Misono' is a solo BBQ restaurant located just one minute away from Ikebukuro Station. Instead of tables, the tiny restaurant consists of a single counter lined with small grills at each seat.

The restaurant may be small, but the quality of the meat served is as good as at a high-end yakiniku restaurant and definitely won't disappoint. If you're alone or with a small group and looking for an awesome (and very Japanese) barbeque experience, Misono is definitely worth checking out!

Mutekiya (無敵家)

Mutekiya is a ramen shop in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Among the thousands of ramen shops in Tokyo, it is one of the most famous. You can be sure to find a long line of people from all over the world. Honmarumen is their #1 menu item (850 yen), the soup is made from pork bone broth and soy sauce, which makes for a rich and creamy soup.

Tachiguimidori (立喰美登利)

This restaurant always has a line-up; it is highly popular especially with locals. Why?
Because their formula is effective: they serve great quality fish for a cheap price. "Tachigui" means standing while eating in Japanese.
There's also a take-out option if you don't want to wait.
A sushi set is between ¥1,050- ¥2,800.
Definitely worth trying!

Uchitateya (うちたて家)

Uchitateya is a famous restaurant making thick homemade udon noodles. The signature menu item is their 'nikujiru udon' (meat soup udon) but you won't go wrong with any of their 9 kinds of dipping noodle style udon dishes. This is somewhat unusual because dipping noodles are usually made with ramen style noodles and soup. You'll be amazed by how tasty and springy their udon noodles are. The store claims that once you taste them, you'll get addicted. It might be true considering how packed the place always is!

Located a 6-minute walk from the east exit of Ikebukuro station.


"Ain Soph" means eternal in Hebrew, and their emphasis is on health and well-being. The weekday lunch plates are affordable and are between 1,100-1,500 yen. The vegan pancake course is heavenly with incredibly soft pancakes, seasonal fruits, coffee, etc. For dinner, the "karaage" (deep fried chicken) is so delicious and is great for sharing.

Mendokoro Hanada (麺処花田)

A 5-minute walk from the east exit of Ikebukuro Station. It is located turning into a side street on the way walking down Sunshine Street. It is the main store that specializes in rich miso ramen.

Many people have their hearts taken away by the very thick noodles and the gooey rich miso-flavored soup that goes perfectly well together.

Many recommend going here, including the west exit, if you want to eat miso ramen in Ikebukuro. Try the ramen that receives huge marks at least once.

Kailaku Honten (開楽 本店)

Kairaku, located just a minute walk from the east exit of Ikebukuro station, has over 60 years of history. Most of the customers come for their signature menu "Jumbo Gyoza".
Teishoku is a Japanese style set meal. The "gyoza teishoku" (餃子定食), 640 yen, comes with 3 Jumbo Gyoza, rice, soup, and Chinese pickled vegetable. They might not look so big, but they're huge!

Takase Ikebukuro Honten (タカセ 池袋本店)

This very traditional Japanese cafe is a must-try while in Ikebukuro, you can try all the classic Japanese modern classics, such as omurice, carepan (curry bread), hamburg steak, fruit parfaits, etc. The atmosphere will transport you to another era, it's very interesting.

Pizza Borsa

This is a super popular pizzeria in Ikebukuro. Their thick-crusted springy pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven. Pizza lunch specials are from 11:30 to 15:00 and start from ¥950.

Pizza Borsa is on the west side of Ikebukuro Station.

Kitchen Check

Kitchen Check is a popular 'yoshoku' (Japanese-style western cuisine) restaurant with a retro atmosphere. Their signature menu item is their omurice, which is a Japanese-style omelette wrapped around stir-fried rice and topped with a tomato sauce. It's one of Japan's most iconic comfort food, and Kitchen Check makes an excellent one really worth the try for ¥1,000.

Kitchen Check is located a 3-minute walk from the west exit of Ikebukuro Station.

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