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Incredible Restaurants You Must Try In Fukuoka!

Fukuoka City

Look no further, these are the best restaurants to try while in Fukuoka! From sushi and kaiseki ryouri to unagi, without forgetting udon, ramen and so many more. Give them all a try if you have the chance!

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Chikae Fukuoka (稚加榮 福岡店) [Kaiseki Ryori]

Chikae is possibly the best choice in the mid-price range category. The interior is simple, yet stunningly beautiful and comfortable with its warm lighting, wooden traditional design, and literally a pond with fish jumping at the very centre of the room of the first floor. You won't want to leave once you get there. It's the ideal place to have a Japanese feast and have a few drinks of sake in good company. For the food, you should try a seasonal course of "kaiseki ryori". This is a traditional meal which is served in a many small portions. You do not get only sushi and sashimi but also all kinds of delicate appetizers. Also, the seasonal courses include the "ikizukuri" type of presentation, which means that the fish is presented in its original form. Seasonal courses start at ¥5,000. For lunch, there are some reasonably-priced options that will cost you around ¥2,000.

Hyoutan Sushi (ひょうたん寿司) [Sushi]

Hyotan is a restaurant of long standing, loved by the locals. It has two locations near the Tenjin Station. One is a kaiten (sushi train or conveyor belt sushi) and the other one is not. They are both excellent places to go to for the price! Expect to pay around ¥3,000 or less for a quality meal. For lunch, you can get a sushi assortment that comes with a Japanese soup for less than ¥1,000. For ¥2,750, you can have the day's special selection of seasonal catches. This set is really worth it if you are willing to pay more and have worked up an appetite.

Kawatarou (河太郎) [Seafood]

Kawatarou's specialty is squid and you sit right across from a pool where there are plenty of them swimming in it. Have you ever tried squid sashimi? It's very tender and ever so fresh! There is a variety of other delicious dishes to try. You can choose a course to try a bit of everything at a bargain(1.400-2,400 yen)!

Yoshizuka Unagiya (吉塚うなぎ屋本店) [Soft Water Eel]

The dishes are between ¥1,900 and ¥4,700, for different types of grilled eel on rice. This is another top-notch restaurant with a solid local following. Expect to queue as this resto is highly popular, but it is well worth the wait! Also, they only accept cash, so be sure to bring enough of it when visiting. Definitely get the unagidon.

Kira Hakata (博多 季楽) [Teppanyaki/ Shabu Shabu]

Kira Hakata serves teppanyaki dishes, as well as shabu shabu and sukiyaki. Their menu is exquisite and the carefully constructed dishes are something of the future. The teppanyaki courses are between 2,900-7,700 yen for lunch, and which includes soup, salad, steak, dessert, etc. Dinner courses are between 8,200-16,500 yen. The sound of the smell of the meat slowly grilling on the iron plate will make you salivate, and the chef will slowly bring you a dish at a time. The timing is perfect and so are the dishes. You'll also be amazed by the quality of the meal and the decor of this beautiful restaurant.

Ningyocho IMAHAN (人形町今半) [Shabu Shabu]

Ningyocho Imahan, or just Imahan, is a famous sukiyaki and shabu shabu restaurant. The original shop was established in 1895, and there are 12 shops today. All of them have an amazing atmosphere, elegant and Japanese traditional style which is one reason why they attract many foreign visitors. They use high-end wagyu (Japanese beef) which is amazingly tender, flavorful, and fatty. You can choose from many courses from 4,500 yen, lunch courses are even cheaper, starting at 2,700 yen.


This elegant restaurant serves teppanyaki at the counter or in private rooms. If you would like to try this teppanyaki resto, lunch is surprisingly affordable. For lunch, you can get a set meal from 1,200-6,200 yen. Dinner is a great place for a date or a business meeting. For dinner, the courses are between 6,800- 22,000 yen. The courses come with steak, garlic rice, dessert, etc.

Udon Taira (うどん平) [Udon]

Some people go as far as to say that it is the best udon in Fukuoka. In fact, even people who do not like udon can appreciate it here! The noodles themselves are the perfect consistency and texture and the broth is very savoury. The noodles are carefully made in store. The beef udon is particularly good! What's more is that you can get a dish for less than 1,000 yen!

Shin Shin Ramen (博多らーめん Shin Shin) [Ramen]

ShinShin Ramen is the place to try the famous Hakata ramen! It's cheap, yet incredible and the service is great. Their ramen is only 600 yen!
If you brought a heavy appetite, you should try the "chashu men". It's 850 yen and it is basically ramen covered in roasted pork. And if you're particularly hungry, you can have an amazing set for only 1,000 yen. How about a Shin Shin set where you get a bowl of ramen with some "chahan" (fried rice). Or A bowl of ramen with 8 juicy gyozas. You should leave really full and for that price, it's quite a bargain.

Hakata Motsunabe Yamanaka Honten (博多もつ鍋 やま中 赤坂店) [Innards Hot Pot]

Yamanaka is probably one of the most famous restaurants in Hakata and is located in Akasaka.
For this motsunabe, you should go with the miso flavour although the soy sauce flavour is also a classic. The motsu are quite succulent with a sweet taste. Many people also order the vinegar-marinated motsu and they say that it doesn't give off the usual motsu smell.

Hard Rock Cafe Fukuoka (ハードロックカフェ福岡店) [American Cuisine]

And if you want something non-Japanese, I threw in some American cuisine in the mix.
Fukuoka has had it's very own Hard Rock Cafe since 2000 but has moved near Hakata Station in 2016, it now has an even better look and atmosphere. The iconic chain quickly became a gathering place for rock lovers in Fukuoka. It's conveniently located near Hakata Station. If you're craving some good ol' American food and a cocktail or beer, this is the place to head to. You'll have a fun night out with friends in a familiar setting.

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