Updated: November 07, 2018
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The Best Teppanyaki (Japanese-Style Steak House) In Fukuoka

Fukuoka City

Teppanyaki is Japanese method of cooking steak or seafood over an iron plate. If you haven't tried it yet, it's not only an incredibly fun experience, but a delightful way to eat steak!

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Kira Hakata 博多 季楽

Their menu is exquisite and the carefully constructed dishes are something of the future. The teppanyaki course starts are between 2,900-7,700 yen for lunch which includes soup, salad, steak, dessert, etc. Dinner courses are between 8,200-16,500 yen. The sound of the smell of the meat slowly grilling on the iron plate will make you salivate, and the chef will slowly bring you a dish at a time. The timing is perfect and so are the dishes. You'll also be amazed by the quality of the meal and the decor of this beautiful restaurant.

Teppanyaki Nakano 鉄板焼なか乃

Teppanyaki Nakano is an elegant teppanyaki restaurant which offers a stunning view of the city. It's a nice place to bring a date as you can sit at the counter and ravel at the view, or you can go for a business dinner with a group and sit face to face. The courses are between 9,500 to 16,900 yen, depending on the quality and the quantity of meat you want. You can also order a la carte.

Tenjin Horumon Teppanyaki 天神ホルモン 鉄板焼

If you want an affordable teppanyaki experience, you can try Tenjin Horumon Teppanyaki. You can get meat, mostly innards, grilled over an iron plate for 1,000-2,000 yen. The service is good; you can get free refills of rice and miso soup and you can see the chef grill the meat before your eyes. This restaurant is great for lunch or for dinner with your family.

Miyachiku 博多みやちく

This elegant restaurant serves teppanyaki at the counter or in private rooms. If you would like to try this teppanyaki resto, lunch is surprisingly affordable. For lunch, you can get a set meal from 1,200-6,200 yen. Dinner is a great place for a date or a business meeting. For dinner, the courses are between 6,800- 22,000 yen. The courses come with steak, garlic rice, dessert, etc.

Steak house Medium Rare ステーキハウス ミディアムレア

This Steak House has a trendy and modern decor and uses delicious ingredients for their teppanyaki. The lunch courses are really affordable, from 1,200-6,000 yen on weekdays, and 1,500 and up during the weekend and holidays. The dinner course starts at 5,500 yen and they also have a wonderful wine list to accompany your meal.

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