Updated: November 07, 2018
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Nemuro Hanamaru: The Best Kaiten Sushi In Sapporo, Tokyo, And Nemuro!


Nemuro Hanamaru is a famous conveyor belt sushi restaurant from Hokkaido that that has some branches in Tokyo! Here is all you need to know about the place, including information on popular menu items, and popular locations in Sapporo, Tokyo, and Nemuro in Hokkaido.

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Nemuro Hanamaru Sushi (根室花まる)

Nemuro Hanamaru Sushi is one of the absolute best affordable sushi restaurants there is in Japan. The restaurant is based mostly in Hokkaido where it has a total of 10 locations, but there are also three branches in Tokyo.
Nine of the thirteen restaurants are conveyor belt sushi types. The idea behind the concept was to make a sushi restaurant that is not intimidating to go to while providing a relaxing atmosphere in which customers do not feel like they have to rush through their meal.
The name of the restaurant "Nemuro" comes from the fishermen town where it all began on the east coast of Hokkaido, an area known for its exquisite seafood culture. The restaurant has never lost its initial dedication to bringing to its customers the freshest seafood there is. Dining there, you will undoubtedly notice that the sashimi is of exceptional quality for the price!
Many items come directly from the port of Nemuro. The menu changes with throughout the year, offering only the freshest, in-season seafood.

Recommended Menu Items

Most items are nigiri sushi served two by the plate. The plates start at ¥240 (taxes not included).
The plate of medium-fatty tuna is a popular choice. This one is ¥410.
On the left side of this picture is the "yari ika" (spear squid). It's a type of squid that has a deeper sweetness than most other kinds. This is one of the restaurant's recommendation. On the right side are some "hotate", or scallops. The particularity of the scallops is that they are thick and have a strong, fresh sea taste.
What's more, you can even have some local sake from Nemuro to pair with your sushi!
This is "buri" or yellowtail. This fish is extremely popular in Japan as a sushi topping. The taste is somewhat similar to tuna.
This soft roe (fish sperm) sushi are a delicacy you should definitely try!
The "uni", or sea urchins, sushi is really popular too. They put a generous amount of it so these are really worth it. If you haven't tried them already, you'll love their smooth custard-like texture and their savoury sea taste.
These may not be the most appealing items on the menu but you should give them a try. Their one of the pride of the restaurant. The Japanese omelette topping is made with some dashi (seafood broth) so they are very savoury and a little sweet.



This location in Sapporo is conveniently located near the Sapporo Station. It is one of the most popular branches.


This location is in the KITTE department store near the South Exit of the JR Tokyo Station.


If you want to see where it all began, you'll have to go to Nemuro on the east coast of Hokkaido!

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