Updated: February 25, 2019
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These Are The Coolest Bars Of Akihabara


Here are arguably the best bars around the Akihabara Station. Looking for a true Akihabara or Japanese experience? This list is for you!

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Bars In Electric Town

Unlike Shinjuku or Shibuya, there isn't an abundance of drinking places in Akihabara, but a couple of establishments do stand out. Here are arguably the best bars around the Akihabara Station. Looking for a true Akihabara or Japanese experience? This list is for you!

Akiba no Sakaba

Akiba no Sakaba is the coolest place to have a truly Japanese cultural experience. Firstly, this is a standing bar, which is in itself very Japanese. This place is very popular and gets crowded which means it's easy to strike up a conversation with people around you.

Secondly, this place specializes in Japanese alcohols and the items vary by the season. Every week the owner, Shigeyuki san, posts the new alcohols he has purchased on his website (see below). So you get to taste great Japanese sake from a true connoisseur, and the prices are cheap because this is a standing bar.

Thirdly, there is good food too! Try the sashimi, the traditional winter stew called oden, or the kushikatsu (deep-fried skewered foods dipped in a savoury sauce). The fish comes straight from the Tsukiji fish market and the small dishes are all around ¥300.

Lastly, the place has a really nice authentic vibe. You'll feel like you're in a bar of the Showa Era. This is a must-try!

Loops Space Cafe Diner

Loops is a dining bar where you can play darts. This has more of an Akihabara "electric town" kind of atmosphere.

For the food you can order, pasta, pizza, and rice dishes for about ¥1,000. Their fried items (deep fried octopus and chicken karaage) are pretty popular and make good drink accompaniments. They have a huge selection of all kinds of dinks, from cocktails to whiskeys, to Japanese alcohols (shochu, sake, umeshu). Average price for a drink is about ¥800. Go there mostly for the space-themed decor and to play darts.

They have an affordable all-you-can-drink option if you go 4 people or more (¥3,000 for 2 hours and comes with some food). You can also reserve a private room for groups.

Bar Sekirei

This bar is really neat for it's old British kind of atmosphere. It is located in a brick building and the interior has a color scheme of moss green and brown. With the dim lighting, you will feel very relaxed at this bar.

The bar master is passionate about whiskey, so you can have some fine ones there, including some 18 years old single malt whiskey from the Yamazaki brewery of Suntori. Drinks (cocktails, whiskeys, brandies, liqueur, spirits, wine) start at ¥1,000 and beers start at ¥800. In terms of seats, the bar is divided about equally between counter seats and tables.

Chiocciol Pizzeria Bar

For Italian food in Akihabara, this is the place to go! It also has a wine bar section and a terrace so you can just enjoy drinking some good wines (just ordering one glass with no food is fine) in a comfortable environment. Many of their wines are Italian. Pizzas are really worth trying if you are a little hungry. They start at ¥1,300. Glasses of wine start at ¥350. You really get the bang for your buck here because the quality is good too.


Domannaka is a place to enjoy fresh sashimi while enjoying excellent Japanese sake. This place falls into the traditional izakaya (Japanese tavern) category. There are even some private rooms with kotatsu tables (low tables with heaters). The name is Donmannaka, which means the middle of the night, but you can also go there for their excellent lunch specials that are under ¥1,000. The sake starts at ¥500 a glass. If you are in a group, why not order a "moriawase" (assortment) of sashimi for about ¥2,000 to accompany your drinks.


This was a pretty solid selection of great bars around Akihabara. So once you're done with your shopping for gadgets, electronics, and all kinds of geeky things Akihabara is known for, why not try them out? You shouldn't be disappointed!

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