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Fantastic Restaurants In Ebisu, Tokyo You Need To Try Now!


Ebisu is heaven in terms of food diversity and food quality! You can find any type of food you fancy in this awesome neighborhood. The best part is that although it's a fancy neighborhood, the price range is also diverse. You can find cheap eats that are out of this world, and there are also unforgettable sushi restaurants (but be prepared to pay the price)! Here, we narrowed down the best restos, all genres included!

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This ramen restaurant is located 3 minutes from Ebisu station. It is probably the most-known ramen restaurant in Ebisu. Recently, AFURI is actively developing chain restaurants all over Tokyo. "Yuzu salt ramen" with its golden soup and its carefully selected ingredients, is nicknamed the “Cup of God”!

After trying this, a lot of people were overjoyed and even shed a tear...true story, it happened to a friend of mine! Enjoy AFURI’s golden soup which is so tasty that you will end up drinking all of it!

Ebisu Yokocho

Ebisu Yokocho is just a 2-minute walk from the East Exit of the Ebisu Station. It is indicated by bright neon and colorful lanterns.
In an era of super-chain izakayas, the idea behind the Ebisu Yokocho was to make an unpretentious space where people can enjoy the traditional yokocho alley atmosphere while encouraging independent taverns and restaurants. You'll see plenty of types of foods and taverns. Every place is independent and unique. You'll find sushi, skewered grilled fish, Korean-style barbecue, and many more!

Nakameguro Iguchi PIN

Nakameguro Iguchi PIN is located a 3-min walk from the west exit of Ebisu station. On the second floor of a building, with not even a signboard to indicate its existence, you might have a hard time finding this hidden gem.

Open the door and you'll be amazed by the chic traditional interior and calming atmosphere.

The specialty of the restaurant is chicken, done yakitori style but without being skewered. They have an exquisite assortment of eight kinds of cuts good for two people (¥1,980).

L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele

If you are looking for authentic Neapolitan style pizza, this is the place. It's unpretentious and welcoming. Do you remember the movie "Eat, Pray, Love"? Well, that pizzeria was featured in the movie, and now it is available in Tokyo and in Fukuoka.
There are two types of pizzas to choose from; Margherita or Marinara. Sometimes too much is like not enough, but here things are kept simple so you can just sit back and enjoy the pizza!
Lunch is between ¥1,000~¥1,999 and dinner is between¥2,000~¥2,999.


This restaurant is a Michelin-starred resto in Ebisu. It is about 4 minutes from the station. The restaurant was started by chef Toru Kawano, who studied French cuisine in France, and interestingly enough, he worked under the supervision of Joel Robuchon! He now owns his own resto in Ebisu as well.
The presentation at the restaurant is really beautiful, and so is the taste.
Lunch is between ¥5,000~¥5,999, and dinner between ¥8,000~¥9,999.

La Table de Joël Robuchon

Joel Robuchon is located in the beautiful Ebisu Garden Place. It's a lovely place to take a stroll after a date. This restaurant is a Michelin-starred restaurant, so isn't on the cheap side, but it's perfect for a date or a special occasion.
Fixed menus for lunch are between ¥4,200-¥9,000; And between ¥5,500-¥18,000 for dinner.
Service and food are incredible! The presentation reminds you that you really do eat with your eyes first!


This restaurant serves delicious sushi, although it isn't cheap. It's a good setting for a date or to have a meeting with coworkers. You can sit directly at the bar and talk with the sushi chef or you can get an individual table. The sushi is prepared right in front of you, but it might be a little hard to order if you don't speak any Japanese. I suggest ordering the "makase" (leaving it up to the chef), for lunch, it's ¥6,000/person. For dinner, it is ¥11,000 and up/per person.


You don't see restaurants in Tokyo using firewood to cook their food very often, but this is how L'IGNIS in Ebisu grills its meats!

The chef at L'IGNIS is trained in French cuisine but the foods created are a fusion from the cuisine of different cultures. The entrees are so beautifully presented and tasty, and once you've had a few, you have to have their signature firewood-grilled meat. The grilling infuses the meat with a delightful woody scent which makes it very special.

"Ignis" in Latin apparently means bonfire, and the concept is reflected in the atmosphere created by the bonfire-like warmth of the lighting.


This is a nice new restaurant near Tokyo station.

Pictured above are the must-try piroshki! You get two for just ¥500 and they come with various kinds of fillings. From top left, turning clockwise, these piroshki were egg and leek, beef and onion, pork and onion curry, mash potato and mushrooms.

If you want to taste a bit of everything, there are courses that you can have ranging in price from ¥3,500 to ¥7,000, all containing plenty of beloved classics from Russian cuisine.


Located a few minutes walk from Ebisu station, Torinago is an excellent bird meat-specializing izakaya with traditional flair.

It's spacious and has private rooms in the back of the restaurant so the venue is as suitable for large groups as much as it is for dates.

The most impressive and popular poultry dish is the 'Duck Suki' (¥7,000 for 2 people), which is a gorgeous duck meat sukiyaki set. You cook the meat slice by slice in a soy-based broth at your table. They have a great selection of sake and wines to pair with your meal too.

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