Updated: July 03, 2019
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5 Places to Enjoy Authentic Japanese Food in Asakusa, Tokyo


The Asakusa neighborhood is a hugely popular tourist destination these days, and for good reason! In addition to the historical sites in the area, there are also many delicious Japanese restaurants loved by locals since the old days! Here's a list of 5 great options.

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1. Sushi Hatsu Sohonten 寿司初總本店

Sushi Hatsu is a historical sushi bar from the Meiji era. Compared to other sushi bars, the interior of this restaurant is spacious, making it a good place to relax. There is also an English menu available for foreign customers. In addition to some luxurious course meals for between 5 and 9 thousand yen, customers can order sushi by the piece, or choose from one of the less expensive meal sets.

2. Tempura Aoi-Marushin 天麩羅 葵丸進

Aoi Marushin was built in 1946 in front of Sensoji (the famous temple in Asakusa). Their special tempura uses a little bit extra flour for the skin of the tempura, and is called “flower bloom tempura.” Aoi's most popular dish is the Tokujo-Tendon (特上天丼) for ¥2,580, and is definitely the recommendation if you are eating here for the first time. Be prepared to have some of the yummiest tempura you've ever tried!
The crispy tempura really goes well with the resto's original soy sauce. Their freshly cooked tempura is a pure delight!

3. Soba Ozawa おざわ

Soba is one of the most classic Japanese foods. Here at Ozawa, you can try three different types of soba noodles with varying thickness. In addition, the restaurnat offers a special sesame soup for dipping the noodles, which is not commonly seen at other soba shops. The wonderful thing about Ozawa is that although the food is fantastic, the price is extremely reasonable, with most sets priced around 1,000 yen!

4. Oden Otafuku 大多福

Oden (a traditional dish in which a variety of ingredients are boiled together in a large pot of seasoned fish broth) is a kind of soul food for Japanese people. Otafuku always prepares more than 30 kinds of ingredients for its Oden, which is simply outstanding. Here, you choose which ingredients you want in your soup, and pay for each thing that you add. The restaurant has a great atmosphere, with a beautiful view from the window, and is a great spot to relax while enjoying oden and some drinks!

5. Ichimatsu 浅草 茶寮一松

For an unforgettable traditional dining experience, Ichimatsu is the place to go in Asakusa. The beautiful restaurant features private dining rooms and exquisite kaiseki cuisine. A meal here is not cheap, with the kaiseki course running ¥12,000 per person. However, the experience of enjoying this outstanding meal in a beautiful setting is well worth the price! If you do plan on dining here, making a reservation is recommended.

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