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PIZZAMAN. in Oimachi: must-try pizzeria

This is the place to go for some yummy Neapolitan-style pizza in Oimachi.


Are You an Uni-Holic? If so, This Restaurant in Roppongi is for You!

Do you love uni (sea urchin)? If you answered yes, this is one restaurant that you absolutely have to check out in Roppongi, Tokyo.

Flora Coffee in Oimachi: relaxing cafe with a Scandinavian design

One of the best new cafes near Oimachi Station is Flora Coffee. Enjoy quality hand drip coffee in a pleasant atmosphere.


[Nishi Shinjuku] Drinking Unlimited Sake after work at 29ON Kakuuchi

29ON kakuuchi is a small members-only sake bar that opens up on weekday evenings in Nishi Shinjuku. I was recently invited to try it out, and this is a description of how it was.


5 worth-the-try sukiyaki, shabu shabu restaurants in Omotesando

Here are some excellent choices for sukiyaki and shabu shabu in the Omotesando/Harajuku/Aoyama area. Most of the restaurants listed in this article are mid-range in price (¥8,000 or less for a dinner course).


Two Rooms Grill in Omotesando: you go there for the view!

Two Rooms Grill is located near Omotesando Station. It's a popular spot for romantic evening dinners, drinks with friends, or simply to have lunch.


Ramen in Omotesando: 5 aweseome, hearty joints

Here's a guide to some of the best ramen restaurants in and around Omotesando.


5 top places where to have dinner in Omotesando (cheap to high-end)

After a day of exploring the exciting Omotesando-Aoyama-Harajuku area, here's where you might want to have dinner! The list includes some of the best restaurants for all budgets.


5 Best Omotesando Italian restaurants for all budgets

Here's a selection of 5 incredible Italian restaurants in the Omotesando area. We'll introduce some pretty affordable spots as well as very high-end chick restaurants where you can have the most decadent dinner courses.


Cafe & Dining Zelkova: delicious afternoon tea sets and more

Zelkova is one of the most popular cafes in Omotesando. Enjoy exquisite sweets sets, lunch courses (¥2,000 to ¥3,000), and a pleasant dining bar atmosphere in the evening.


Best high-end sushi in the Omotesando / Harajuku / Aoyama area

There are some of the best sushi restaurants in Tokyo in the area. Here is our top 5 list.


Kobe Plaisir Ginza's Incredible Teppanyaki Courses

One of Tokyo's most amazing teppanyaki experiences can be found at Kobe Plaisir Ginza. The restaurant boasts courses that feature Kobe Beef and other Japanese delicacies such as the Japanese spiny lobster (ise-ebi).


Starbucks Omotesando: a concept cafe worth checking out

Located on the roof floor of Tokyu Plaza, it has a beautiful terrace that sets it apart.


5 Omotesando bars: from secluded drinking holes to fancy wine bars

Here are 5 interesting bars of different genres along Omotesando.


Omotesando Bamboo: beautiulf Italian restaurant near Harajuku

One of the most calming and pleasant restaurants in Omotesando is quite possibly Bamboo. It has an outstanding terrace too. Enjoy reasonably-priced delicious Neapolitan pizzas and other Italian classics.


Omotesando Bacchus: nice summer terrace and great paellas!

Bacchus is a place worth considering for either lunch or dinner in Omotesando. You can enjoy some great Mediterranean cuisine at a reasonable price. Bacchus also has one of the best terraces in the area.


5 best lunch options in Omotesando for less than ¥1,500

Here are some of the best restaurants in Omotesando offering lunch options that won't break the bank. We've included cuisines of a kind so hopefully, you can find something that you like.


Breakfast in Omotesando: 5 Great Restaurants and Cafes that are Worth the Try

Here are 5 places that are excellent for breakfast in Omotesando. Whether you like savory or sweet foods, you're surely find something that tickles your fancy in this list.


Sapporo Noodle Zero: a ramen joint for chashu lovers

Also sometimes called Sapporo Ramen Zero, the joint is a popular one in Sapporo for some rich-tasting miso ramen and tsukemen with huge pieces of chashu.


Searching for Japanese Spiritual Monsters at 'Kitaro Chaya'

When it comes to classic yokai(spiritual monsters) manga, I think of GeGeGe no Kitaro. The manga's author, Shigeru Mizuki, spent most of his adult life living in Chofu, in the suburbs of Tokyo. There, near the large 'Jindaiji Temple,' is a Kitaro-themed tea house that sells awesome cafe food, drinks, and merchandise based on the manga. Check it out this summer!


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