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Saturdays Surf Tokyo, Not Just A Surf Shop, But An Excellent Coffee Spot As Well!

Although they are mainly a clothing brand and a surf shop, Saturdays Surf Tokyo also has an espresso bar and a beautiful wooden terrace. It'll make you feel like you're in on one of Tokyo's best-kept secrets.

Healthy Japanese Style Meal Set Experience at Obon de Gohan!

Obon de Gohan is a cafe chain where they serve healthy Teishoku set. Teishoku is a Japanese style meal set where you can enjoy a variety of dishes served on a tray. Let's find out what Obon de Gohan has to offer!

The Ultimate Guide To Cafes In Ginza!

If you are spending the day shopping or wandering the streets of fancy Ginza, why not stop for a well-deserved break at one of these delicious cafes.

Where To Have The Best Coffee Around Sangenjaya, Tokyo!

Sangenjaya is a fashionable and hip neighborhood where you can easily spend the day wandering around the city and discovering new shops. There are cool second-hand shops, quaint restos, and delicious coffee shops. You can go by yourself or with a friend, and you'll feel comfortable in these local and cool cafes.

Renoir Coffee, a Fancy Japanese-Style Cafe

Renoir Coffee Shop is the place to try if you would like to try a 喫茶店 "kissaten" (a Japanese style cafe). It has sort of a vintage atmosphere, all the while being upscale. It is a great place to stop by for cafe and sweets, or even for a business meeting.

CANVAS TOKYO: Donde Donuts y Coffee Meet

Apparently it's a trend to put donuts on top of a coffee cup. Located in Hiroo, Tokyo, CANVAS TOKYO offers the cutest donuts and the greatest coffee. If you are in Tokyo, it's a must-try cafe for sure!

ALLPRESS Espresso Tokyo Roastery & Cafe

If you're a real coffee fanatic, you definitely need to hit up the Kiyosumi Shirakawa neighborhood ASAP! There, you will find the most perfect concentration of local and international roasteries. Amongst them is ALLPRESS Espresso Tokyo Roastery & Cafe. It's worth the visit!

¿Café de Muji? Prueba Cafe & Meal Muji en Japón!

Many of you may have seen Muji in your country, but did you know that Muji has cafes called Cafe & Meal Muji? Let's find out what they have to offer!

Una lista de los únicos cafés temáticos de Tokio

Hay tantos cafés temáticos en Tokio. Si usted desea condimentar para arriba su visita de Tokio, usted debe definitivamente visitar estos lugares siguientes!

Cafeterías sin gluten y restaurantes que debes probar en Tokio

Esta lista está dedicada a aquellos que son intolerantes al gluten y en busca de cafés y restaurantes sin gluten en Tokio.

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5 cafés seleccionados en Osaka que no se puede perder

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